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"Sean Price"
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You Already Know


Sean Price

жанры: rap, hip-hop
альбомы: Jesus Price Supastar
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 841 просмотр
feat. Skyzoo
[Sean Price]
You'll hear him
P! Oh my gosh, crazy, even Brooklyn got short
Man what's goin on, hahahaha
Big 'Zoo, whattup?
Big 'Zoo, that's an oxymoron huh?

Yo, who got more raps than P?
{*crickets chirping*} Yeah you got more raps but please
Sean Price a walkin and talkin rappin machine
Rappin for cream, slap your faggot rapper regime
Yo it's all about a dollar bill, I got a lot of skills
Pull the pound, push you down, clown you in Pottersville
Top shotta, +Don Dada+, don't make me use a gat
Love Jamaican pussy me and Dru call it +Supercat+
Y'all niggaz superwhack, you shouldn't choose to rap
You crazy Sean, save it young, get some shoes and tap
That's a nice chain, fuck you gonna do with that?
Not a damn thing, I'm doin my damn thing
Niggaz actin stupid when they see the God Sean around the way
Quiet when I'm there, when I'm gone got a lot to say
Charlie Brown teacher, Pootie Tang duke, sa da tay
Real niggaz right here, fake niggaz thattaway

[Chorus: Skyzoo]
You already know
We straight off of the corner and the sewer is the zone
So get in where you fit in or the toolie's gettin blown
There's nothin you could do that we ain't do already homes
We movin with the chrome homey, you already know
We straight off of the corner and the sewer is the zone
Now get in where you fit in or the toolie's gettin blown
To all my boostin bitches that be movin out them clothes
Let's do this for this dough shorty, you already know

[Sean Price]
Aiyyo, backseat with a freak, fuck in my car
Pulled a prayer up, got like "Hamduallah"
Roll with a squad, Boot Camp, remember the name
Nicest niggaz you don't know in the game, hello
Listen, I'm one of the best, you not that nice yo
Similar with shit but that's not Sean Price though
Might go, psycho, liposuction
Knife pokes, white folks, I know nothin
Y'all motherfuckers think y'all nice
Do you hear me now you gon' think twice, GOD DAMN~!
That nigga Sean Price fire
Meanwhile I'm at Dru crib, tryin to watch The Wire
A few bags of weed and a couple of pills
Freak show for these freak hoes who suck on my dillz
Yo it's my time to shine you had your turn you lost
Hate to hear the truth then turn the shit off, motherfucker

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Это интересно:Sean Price (17 марта 1972 - 8 августа 2015) - американский рэппер из Бруклина, Нью-Йорк, участник хип-хоп супергруппы Boot Camp Clik. Он получил известность как половина дуэта Heltah Skeltah, выступая под именем Ruck, вместе с партнёром по имени Rock. Он, как в настоящее время полагают, является одним из самых плодовитых и интресных MC в Нью-йоркском... продолжение
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