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"Sean Price"
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Oops Upside Your Head


Sean Price

жанры: hip-hop, rap
альбомы: Jesus Price Supastar
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 897 просмотров
feat. Steele

[Sean Price:]
Yeah, oops upside your head
You wear a suit and a tie when you dead, you might see me
in the streets doin crazy stuff
Why? This rap shit don't pay enough
No joke I'm serious, the God spit bodies that's furious
Y'all niggaz is funny style, Eddie Murphy, "Delirious"
Me? I'm straight like 9:15
Two spliffs of the green, now my eyes Chinese
Add on, multiply, let's divide this cream
One for you... one for me
Two for you... one-two for me (yo what the fuck?)

Yeah sanitation, I said sanitarium
Niggaz is clowns and found ground in aquariums
You motherfuckers sleep with the fishes
I'm at your spot tryin to sleep wit'cha bitches, listen
You rap like P, don't rap like P
Back smack a rapper backwards for tryin to act like me
I'm, one of a kind, I'm second to none
If my, record ain't spun I network with some guns
Call dude at the radio, listen could you play me yo?
Yeah I'ma play it, he ain't play it but he played me though
Next week I saw him at a party tryin to wave hello
Smacked him in the face with the 8, I'm tryin to break his nose

Look, man, you must be out your God damn mind
It don't make sense if I don't make a God damn dime
Now why, you think I'm out here on this God damn grind
And won't resign 'til I reside in a fox that's fine
I'm, like Criss "Mindfreak," abracadabra
Nigga my nine speak, your rhymes weak and need Viagra
Most rappers ain't that nice, your rap ain't real
You can't, be like Sean Price, can't do like Steele, f'real
And I don't mean to be facetious
It's genius to have the God on the track with Jesus
Y'all dudes fucked up, your flows pathetic
The 8 set it, push up on niggaz like calisthenics
We, wild and wreckless, the style's perfected
Don't wanna see me at your desk with scare like "Where the check is?"
This biz just gon' have this kid lose his religion
Pop a few Gods, do twenty-five to lives in prison

(Damn, that's fucked up man)
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Это интересно:Sean Price (17 марта 1972 - 8 августа 2015) - американский рэппер из Бруклина, Нью-Йорк, участник хип-хоп супергруппы Boot Camp Clik. Он получил известность как половина дуэта Heltah Skeltah, выступая под именем Ruck, вместе с партнёром по имени Rock. Он, как в настоящее время полагают, является одним из самых плодовитых и интресных MC в Нью-йоркском... продолжение
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