Paul Simon

жанры: singer-songwriter, folk, acoustic
альбомы: The Rhythm Of The Saints, 1964-1993
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.5 / 1490 просмотров
If a feeling's born and no one complains
Well that's good luck
Running through young veins
And if life is a blessing
That brushes the tops of the trees
Well it's a short walk
In a sweet breezeI will need you, feed you, seed you, plead with you
All for the taste of your sweet love thelma
If a heart is an open memory book
That was the chance I took
The more I searched, the more shook with thelma
Last night I slept on a rented pillow
A silver moon above my head
A thirsty dreamless sleep released me
And I reached for the phone
By the side of the bedNow the first time that I saw you I thought
"she's beautiful, but she's too young to be caught"
People aware of my history
Trying to steer you away from me
I left a message at your hotel
Don't let management poison the wellI will need you, feed you, seed you, plead with you
All for the taste of your sweet love thelmaThe phone is ringing and I realize
We are timezones and oceans apart
The words I speak in the middle of my night
They fall on your yesterday scarsIf the sun don't shine, the wind don't break
The clock don't jump off the wall
Thelma, my darling, I will cushion your fall
I will need you, feed you, seed you, plead with you
Without the taste of your sweet love thelmaI am only a man who has skirted the edge of despair
For a long time now, and I don't careI watch you sleeping a the hospital bed
The baby curled up in a ball
Winter sunlight hits the family tree
And everything else becomes nothing at all
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Это интересно:Пол Фредерик Саймон (англ. Paul Frederic Simon; 13 октября 1941, Нью-Джерси) — рок-музыкант, поэт и композитор, обладатель трёх премий «Грэмми» в номинации «лучший альбом года» (1970, 1975, 1986). Биография:1957—1972Саймон родился в еврейской семье, вырос в Квинсе, учился в Колумбийском университете. Зимой 1957—1958 годов и в 1964—1970 он записывался и выступал в дуэте со своим школьным товарищем Артом Гарфанкелом... продолжение
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